Find Your Perfect Clients

Define your perfect client. 

EVVEMI finds them for you using hair attributes, service targeting, client typing and personality metrics.

How It Works


Define The Perfect Client

Share your ideal genders, ages, life stages, hair types, hair challenges, preferred styles, services, pricing and personality.


Discover Your Matches

With each match, review a client profile with hair history and details, personal attributes, desired services, hair photos and more 
before you accept.


Book & Journey

Meet your client and manage their changing hair journey through their complete EVVEMI hair profile.

Real Stylists, Real Results

EVVEMI artists are top vetted performers who meet criteria determined by other Master Hairstylists: The best of the best.


Master Stylist
"Forget Yelp! and forget referrals that don't pan out. This is a way to identify and align with the very best clients for me. Not only that, I'm able to see their entire hair history, challenges and preferences before ever accepting a new client so I can be sure that it's a fit for me and I've set up the right amount of time for the appointment."


Master Stylist
"Thanks again for all you do for the industry and me! I can finally get the right clients in my chair!"


Master Stylist
"I have many fellow stylists who are top artists joining EVVEMI. They're tired of wondering how to find the clients that meet their preferences. We do our best work on those clients that match and this is by far the best way to make that happen again and again."

Ready for perfect clients?


EVVEMI is a personalized, data-driven recommendation and engagement platform for beauty and wellness services. EVVEMI utilizes personal hair data, epigenetics, behavior, and data from thousand of successful hair services to direct the right products and services, to the right person, at the right time throughout the beauty regimen. Our mission is to empower and nurture every human spirit, one service, one relationship, one hairstyle at a time. The EVVEMI experience is not merely curated—it’s truly personalized to you.

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