EVVEMI is a personalized, data-driven recommendation and engagement platform for beauty and wellness services. EVVEMI utilizes personal hair data, epigenetics, behavior, and data from thousand of successful hair services to direct the right products and services, to the right person, at the right time throughout the beauty regimen. Our mission is to empower and nurture every human spirit, one service, one relationship, one hairstyle at a time. The EVVEMI experience is not merely curated—it’s truly personalized to you.

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EVVEMI Revolutionizes Consumer Beauty Experience

Los Angeles, CA (August 26, 2019):

Data Driven, Digital Platform Launches Curated Matchmaking for Consumers and Hairstylists

Digital beauty platform, EVVEMI, has created a game-changing solution to match consumers and vetted hair professionals with their ultimate partner in beauty. Utilizing data including epigenetics, personality, and personal hair information, the platform has commenced launch with the hair category, catering to the unique needs of consumers. EVVEMI boasts a 92% retention rate with an average of five or more consumer visits to a stylist, leaps and bounds over the current 30% average retention rate stylists presently experience.

As a data guru and executive strategist for companies including Accenture, Deloitte, Johnson & Johnson, Monster.com, and ZoomInfo, EVVEMI co-founder Maria Malavenda moved to California from New York, where she experienced a recurring issue. Beauty review sites would show “five-star reviews” for hairstylists that did not deliver five- star service. Thus, using her background in healthcare, beauty and data, EVVEMI was born. “We live in a world where people use reviews and friend recommendations for everything. Yet these do not account for personal preferences, hair types and needs, and personality. In a recent survey, 81% of women reported that their hair has a direct tie to their identity, self-confidence, health and well-being, and 68% are unhappy with their hair. We solve this for both the consumer and the hair stylist by creating winning matches with profound results” explains Ms. Malavenda. “We’ve leap frogged the competition and their meaningless technologies that focus on simple booking and rating by tackling the problem at its core.”

During the beta-testing phase, EVVEMI chose a segment of 150 hairstylists and barbers that were considered the top performers between San Francisco and Monterey, and 400 consumers, to test the matching algorithms on the platform and work through the iteration process. Since October 2017, EVVEMI has powered $700,000+ in bookings with an average of three visits per consumer and is now creating relationships from the Bay Area to Greater Los Angeles.

Chloe Francke, an EVVEMi Advisor, as well as hair guru to noted celebrities such as Halle Berry, Jillian Michaels, and Lauren Hashian and many more, who has worked in top salons in NYC, red carpets around the world, magazine covers to TV shows and everything in between states, “The modern clients are savvy and want transparency. They do their research and want to see who and what they are purchasing before they take the leap. That’s why I am so excited to work with EVVEMI!! I think of it as an online dating site to help find a hairstylist, and clients find a true connection cutting out all the BS. It is absolutely genius!!!!!

“It’s an economic reality – time is money. With a few clicks of a button, EVVEMI saves the end user time and money while creating an ultimate user experience,” states Tatyana, CPO of Nextdoor, prior VP Product, Amazon, and present EVVEMI Advisory Board Member.

EVVEMI is presently launched in California, the next phase of expansion includes Florida, Minnesota, New York, and Texas. Join a wait list in your area or find your hair match today at https://www.EVVEMI.com

About EVVEMI: Maria Malavenda and Evan Silberhorn created EVVEMI to blend the human element of a personal beauty concierge with the most highly qualified and educated hairstylists and barbers. Both stylists and consumers fill out an EVVEMI Beauty DNA profile and are matched based on your hair info, personality and proprietary algorithms. Their mission is to empower and nurture every human spirit, one service, one relationship, one hairstyle at a time. EVVEMI provides people with the ability to be matched and engage with uniquely qualified hairstylists and barbers they love by combining technology with the personal touch of seasoned beauty experts. The EVVEMI experience is not merely curated—it’s truly personalized to each person. EVVEMI is here to help you save time, look fantastic and evolve your personal beauty regimen over time. https://www.EVVEMI.com

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