How we find the best matches

for your unique hair

Reaching your desired look is a journey.

EVVEMI uses actual industry data, client results, hair data, preferences and personality metrics to match top performing hairstylists and barbers directly to you. 

Needs Based Matching Algorithms

Data Driven Matching

Stylist Preferences
Personality Type
Target Services
Hair Type
Hair Texture
Hair Challenges
Hair History
Style Goals

By understanding your hair attributes, hair challenges, needs, desires, preferences, lifestyle, products, biological markers and personality, we’re able to create matches with the very best hairstylists and barbers that have had success with people just like you. We gather this information in our beauty quiz which reveals:

Understanding YOU

The right hair provider is the type of person that connects with you, offers services in your budget and is easily accessible. Price, gender, age, experience and location are all important factors here.

Your Hairstylist Preferences

Your unique hair type has specific needs driven by hair structure, challenges and treatment history. We also consider environmental factors, lifestyle, gender, age and diet when matching. The right hair professional has proven skills and experience servicing clients that share your specific hair needs to achieve your best look.

Your Biological Hair Needs

We've proven that the best hair results are driven by client-hair professional relationships that exhibit complementary personalities. The right stylist is a type of person with whom you are comfortable building a trusting relationship.

Your Personality

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EVVEMI is a personalized, data-driven recommendation and engagement platform for beauty and wellness services. EVVEMI utilizes personal hair data, epigenetics, behavior, and data from thousand of successful hair services to direct the right products and services, to the right person, at the right time throughout the beauty regimen. Our mission is to empower and nurture every human spirit, one service, one relationship, one hairstyle at a time. The EVVEMI experience is not merely curated—it’s truly personalized to you.

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